The Book of Martyrs (or by its original name the Acts and Monuments) represented a memorial and record of the Marian persecution of Protestants in the 1550s. Its author John Foxe forever etched into the English psyche the idea of “Bloody Mary” but he did so much more. This was an ecclesiastical history that claimed to reveal the falsities of the Roman Catholic Church and of England’s traditional history. Foxe revised that history to fit a protestant viewpoint and helped to set English historiography onto a path that we continue to follow in some form today.

For over 20 years The John Foxe Project (now renamed TAMO – The Acts and Monuments Online) has tirelessly worked to bring the Acts and Monuments into the digital age at first as a CD-Rom and then as a searchable website. The final instance of this website was published earlier this year and allows researchers, for the first time ever, to easily access all four editions of the Acts and Monuments in their entirety that were published in Foxe’s lifetime. Along with various essays, bibliographies and apparatuses this resource provides new scope for studies of Foxe, the English reformation, English writing of history, and much else besides.

My post about this project on the IHR Digital blog

University of Sheffield Project Press Release


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