Welcome to the new look (and new location) for the Sixteenth Century Scholars blog. This post is a quick update on what has been happening over the last few months.    

Moving house takes time, money, and patience.  It’s a stressful time and one that seems to strip bare any spare time that might be left for research.  A few weeks ago I moved from Hertfordshire (north of London) back down to Kent (south of London).  In a sense it’s a homecoming.  I’m now only a stone’s throw away from where I grew up.  I’m not quite a two minutes’ walk from the Kentish coastline (as I once was) but neither am I locked-in by land in quite the same way as I have been these last two years.  It’s time for a change.

Just over a month ago my job at the University of London changed from Digital Projects Officer at the Institute of Historical Research (IHR) to its umbrella organisation the School of Advanced Study (SAS).  At the moment I’m working more and more on social media, including organizing a new seminar series, creating content for the fantastic Bloomsbury Festival (see the SAS blog for full details), and much else besides.  I’m also still working on various IHR projects, so it’s a busy time indeed.

With all these changes I thought it was also time for a change in my blogging presence.  Sixteenth Century Scholars has now moved home to WordPress.  I hope you like the changes in design.  I’m hoping to improve and add to the blog as and when time permits.  My other blog, Blogging for Historians won’t be moving home, but it is about to receive a big face lift as I add in a guide to blogging and a few other features.

I’m still planning on blogging in both places as regularly as I can but there are times (like this one) when I want to talk about other aspects of my research or interest in History.  Sixteenth Century Scholars will, on occasion, therefore feature a few blog posts outside its main focus, although I will try to keep these to a minimum and often they will link to sixteenth-century history.   This is still a place for my own research, but occasionally I might step out of my original bounds. I find myself torn about what to research and the route it should take.  When things settle down a bit I hope to talk more about all of this.

For now I hope you enjoy the new looking blog.  Please do add me to your blog readers/bookmarks etc.!


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