After a long period without posting, I’m back. Why the long gap and why am I back now, you might ask? What it basically comes down to is too much other work and an uncertainty about what it was I was doing with my blog and my research in general.

It’s now been five years since I completed my PhD in History and for most of that time I have been working for the University of London in one role or another. My own research has ebbed slowly through that period, without really making much substantial progress or impact.

So I’m changing direction  – well sort of!

When I think about my research topic – the study of scholars writing in the sixteenth-century about their history – what interests me is the idea of knowledge creation and capture. What makes a statement authoritative and how are sources used to conjure authority? This is a question that flows throughout most of my research, but by restricting myself to the writing of History, I realise now that I’m missing the wider context. I need to look elsewhere as well – I need to look at other kinds of writing in the sixteenth-century and understand how authority was earned there as well.

My day job has nothing to do with research itself. I’m a learning technologist, digital manager, and research facilitator. I think I prefer the latter title, but essentially what this means is that a lot of the time I’m focused on other things as well such as issues of open access, social media, and data management.

Therefore, as you can see, I’ve redesigned this blog (again) to act as a hub for my research and research facilitation interests. It focuses more on what it is that I am doing and attempts to connect the dots where ever they exist. This new Sixteenth Century Scholars will continue to contain posts about the sixteenth-century from time to time, but it will also include more about my research facilitation work and provide connections to my other blogs/websites. It’ll act as my own personal working space and online CV.

The idea is to make my own life easier by linking my online and offline work together in one place. I’ve got new plans for my own personal research which I’ll be sharing soon, new purposes for my Blogging for Historians website, and I am also working on CMALT accreditation (Certified Membership Association for Learning Technology).



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