I am a historian, learning technologist, and the digital resources manager for the School of Advanced Study (University of London).

My research interests are in the intellectual history of the sixteenth century (particularly focused on Britain). My main research interests include the history of the book, early modern scholarly networks, food and husbandry, and the English Reformation.

My doctoral research was focused on identifying and examining the manuscript and printed sources used by John Foxe to compile the pre-reformation history in his Acts and Monuments. It particularly focused on the idea that a series of collaborative networks were behind the compilation of the Acts and Monuments and that Archbishop Matthew Parker, in particular, provided many of the historical manuscripts, which Foxe used to revise the English past into a ‘Protestant’ shape for use in the Elizabethan reform of the church.

I received my undergraduate and Masters degrees at the University of Hull and then received funding from the ARHC to complete a Ph.D. connected to the John Foxe Project at the University of Sheffield. In 2010 I worked briefly on the HumBox data repository for teaching and learning materials, and then worked full-time at the Institute of Historical Research. There I created and managed the History SPOT website for postgraduate research training and events podcasts, before moving to the School of Advanced Study (SAS) in 2012.

At SAS, I look after the School’s data repository (SAS-Space), an open access journal system (SAS Open Journals), online research training websites (PORT and Study Online), and offer digital management for The Human Mind Project. I am also a convener at two Institute of Historical Research seminars, the Digital History seminar and Food History seminar.

I am currently writing a book on John Foxe’s medieval sources (to be published by Routledge in 2018/19) and undertaking research on beekeeping manuals in the early modern period.


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