From time to time my presentations have been recorded as video or audio. Here I collect all of these together in one place.

An Introduction to using Twitter

20 May 2015

The Social Scholar

A session introducing Twitter for those that have not used it before. The Social Scholar is a free lunchtime seminar series hosted by the School of Advanced Study.

A Beginners Guide to Writing a Blog Post

29 October 2015

The Social Scholar

A second Social Scholar seminar in which I talk about what a researcher can do to improve their writing for blogs. The advice that I give looks at how readers tend to look at blog posts and what can be done to structure writing for this format.

A best practice Blog: Academic, Archival and Library History blogging

11 June 2013

The Social Media Knowledge Exchange conference

As part of a scholarship from SMKE I presented my findings and results for Blogging for Historians. In this presentation I talk about what I learnt from interviews with experts within the History profession (including academics, archivists, and librarians) who regularly blog or manage blogs.


15 September 2012

County Societies Symposium

This audio podcast was recorded of a talk that I gave about online communications including, specifically, blogs. The symposium was an opportunity for County History societies to get together and discuss the issues that were affecting them. My talk attempted to illustrate how blogs can be an effective tool for small societies to promote their work and create online content for a fraction of the usual costs.

Histore Digital Tools: An Introduction to the Project

21 June 2012

Histore Workshop

In this podcast I talk about the digital tools online training resource that was, at the time, part of the History SPOT research training website. The tutorial focused on semantic markup and text mining. These tutorial are now available on PORT.


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