6. Future Plans

Description of plans for ongoing development over the next three years:

TrainingGoing forward I need more than ever actual training in filming and editing videos as this is increasingly part of my role as a learning technologist. With the recent purchase of Articulate Storyline 2 I will also need to train myself to use this new piece of software efficiently and effectively. I imagine this to be on the job training.

Content Creation

For the next year I will continue to work with the learning technologist in the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies offering training workshops in Moodle to staff and aiding in the staff creation of online content. In parallel I will continue to develop short ‘bytesize’ tutorials using Storyline 2 and user-test these tutorials to understand their popularity, benefits and weaknesses.

Face to Face training

I would like to increase the amount of face to face training that I do including, perhaps, some lecturing/seminar work related to my original research interests of History. I would like to continue to improve my training and knowledge of social media as this is increasingly becoming a core area for me.

Key Goals

·         Create no less than five bytesize tutorials

·         Offer assistance for creation of IALS learning resources on PORT

·         Learn to use Articulate Storyline 2

·         Get training on filming and editing video


Core Areas