As part of my role as PORT manager I have filmed, edited, and published a variety of short videos intended for research training purposes. Most of these videos feature experts in their fields talking about an aspect of research, research skills, or methodology.

Managing your Research

A series of short films – mainly talking heads but a few presentations – designed for the Managing your Research training resource. These were filmed in 2013-14 for the History DMT (Data Management Training) project funded by the AHRC as part of their Collaborative Skills Development scheme. The project was a collaboration between the Institute of Historical Research (University of London); University of Sheffield Humanities Research Institute; and the Department of History, University of Hull. The experts in the films were employed by these institutions at the time of the project.

InScribe Palaeography

These films were produced for the palaeography training resource on PORT. We filmed Dr Erik Kwakkel (Leiden University), Professor Julia Crick (KCL), Elizabeth Danbury (UCL), and Dr Jenny Stratford (IHR). Only a few can be shown here as the majority of the films are only available as part of the tutorials which incur a small cost. These videos are taken from the first free module: Palaeography: An Overview.

Institute of Historical Research Funding video

In 2012 the Institute of Historical Research was undergoing a major refit and needed extra funds to make sure that the most could be made out of this opportunity. The Director of the Institute asked if I could film and edit this short redevelopment video in the hopes that it might help to encourage donors to support the IHR’s efforts.


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