A list of my publications including books, articles, and book reviews.


  • The Reformation of England’s Past: John Foxe and the Revision of History in the Late Sixteenth Century (Routledge, Forthcoming).


  • Jordan Landes, Mark Merry, and Matthew Phillpott, ‘”A Sunday Ramble”: Walking Literature as an urban mirror’, LAMAS Transactions, vol. 67 (2017), p. 328-329 [Forthcoming]
  • Matthew J. Phillpott, ‘Anglo-Norman and Plantagenet kingship in John Foxe’s Book of Martyrs’, prefatory essays, John Foxe, Acts and Monuments […], The Variorum Edition [online] (hriOnline, Sheffield, 2009) (http://www.johnfoxe.org/) (2011) View article online at: John Foxe Online
  • Matthew J. Phillpott, ‘The compilation of a sixteenth-century ecclesiastical history: the use of Matthew Paris in John Foxe’s Acts and Monuments’, The Medieval Chronicle VII(2011), 205-221 Website
  • Mark Greengrass and Matthew J Phillpott, ‘John Bale, John Foxe and the Reformation of the English Past’, Archiv für Reformationsgeschichte, 101 (2010), pp. 275-288. View article online (requires registration): Website
  • Matthew Phillpott, ‘A landscape study of the deserted medieval settlement of Arras, East Yorkshire’, Medieval Settlement Research Group, Annual Report No. 20 (2005), pp. 31-33. Website

Book Reviews

  • Matthew J. Phillpott, review of Oliver Wort, John Bale and Religious Conversion in Reformation England, Renaissance Quarterly, 67:3 (Fall 2014), pp. 1037-1039. View review online at: JSTOR (requires login)
  • Matt Phillpott, review of Presenting History: Past and Present, Reviews in History (2012, review no. 1251) View review online at: Reviews in History
  • Matt Phillpott, review of Society in Early Modern England: The Vernacular Origins of Some Powerful Ideas, Reviews in History (2010, review no. 1011) View review online at: Reviews in History

 Online Blog Articles


  • Matthew J. Phillpott, ‘Rectifying the “ignoraunce of history”: John Foxe and the Collaborative Reformation of England’s Past’, unpublished ph.D (University of Sheffield, September 2009)

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